Frequently asked questions

  • We, unlike other services, offer to store “clean” stem cells (> 95%) without any other foreign types of cells included. Stem cells are more often stored together with other tissues or cells from the collection site (for example, umbilical cord blood or, less often, liposuction and red bone marrow mass). The amount of stem cells in such products is not more than a few percent.
  • We offer our customers to use the stored cells (prepared only at our clinic) for medical treatment and plastic surgery even today. Other service providers provide only storage.
  • We offer an autologous (your own) cell therapy, thus preventing rejection of cells and the risk of transmitting foreign infections.
  • Since the stored stem cells can be multiplied manyfold, this means that throughout your life it might be enough that you submit the adipose tissue only once. For comparison, unpurified stem cell material is usually sufficient for a single use only.
The costs depend on the amount of service received. The minimum cost is EUR 5000.
There are many different options. For a full answer according to your specific situation, please apply for a consultation.

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