Why It Matters to Extract Your Stem Cells and
to Preserve Them Already Now?

In order to preserve the stem cells young and in high quality

Stem cells age as years go by. Extracted and frozen today, your cells will be preserved young. The state of your health at the moment of extraction of adipose tissue is also of great importance in the harvest of qualitative cells. That is why you should take care of your future health ahead of time and preserve the stem cells from young and healthy organism already today.

Adipose tissue is a valuable source of stem cells

dipose tissue is one of the richest sources of stem cells in an adult human organism, it is easily accessible, and, moreover, the procedure of extraction of this tissue is almost painless and gentle. Stem cell extraction easily combines with liposuction, performed with cosmetic purposes, therefore, providing two kinds of service in a single manipulation.

For you to benefit from the development of medicinal technologies

Stem cell therapy is a rapidly growing branch of regenerative medicine. It is applied in treatment of heart and vascular diseases and for varying diagnoses of auto-immune system, for prevention of transplant rejection, and to promote the healing of wounds and traumas etc. By preserving your stem cells today, you will get ahead of the time and ascertain your opportunity to benefit from the modern medical technologies in future.

How are the stem cells extracted?

The adipose tissue for the isolation of stem cells is extracted during liposuction or the process of suction of fat. Optimally, at least 50 ml of fat is required for acquisition of stem cells. 
Adipose tissue is sent to stem cell laboratory where, initially, cell mass containing 2-3% stem cells is processed. The cells are enriched in laboratory resulting in acquisition of a pure culture of stem cells (> 95%) within a single month.
Stem cells (≥ 10 millions of cells) are frozen and stored in a very low temperature (-1960C), thus, preserving all qualities of the cells unchanged. The stem cells are examined for quality and certificate is drawn, then, to be sent to the owner of cells.
For the therapy purposes, even as many as 5 million stem cells per 1 kg of the body mass may need to be injected. The amount of the cells preserved is sufficient to be multiplied for preparation of 10 portions as a minimum.
More information about the current possibilities of stem cell therapy on website www.newcelltherapy.eu

What needs to be done in order to acquire
your personal stem cells?

  • If you wish to undergo the liposuction procedure with additional acquisition of stem cells, plastic surgeon Dr. Feldmanis is to be informed about it.
  • Agree with Dr. Feldmanis on the optimal procedure for the provision of service.
  • Sign Your additional agreement concerning extraction of stem cells, ndicating the amount of the adipose tissue You wish to use (standard is 50 or 100 ml). Choose the module of payment – in full or installments.
  • Discharge the payment of the service according to agreement You signed.
  • Arrive to procedure of liposuction.

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